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A Humane approach for Health

Neosteo constantly comes up with creative and highly functional devices to improve patient quality of life and respond to clinicians’ surgical procedures concerns. To do this effectively we have gathered a team of top engineers, researchers and surgeons with decade of experience aiming to develop and evaluate our implants solutions.

Management team: Two Xperts on innovative solutions
for bone fixation...

Guillaume Derouet, V.P. R&D, 15 years of experience in Micromechanics including 10 years dedicated to the medical device industry. Mr Derouet has patented 10 innovatives systems for bone fixation.

Benoît Gayraud, VP Sales & Marketing, prior to working for Neosteo, Mr. Gayraud has spent 10 years of successful sales experience on medical device industry.

... supported by a group of top surgeons and researchers, Advisory Board experienced professionals: the Advisory board

We are committed to offer constant development and an overall approach to improve surgical procedures and make them simple To do this effectively, our engineers are in direct communication with top surgeons, who share their experience working in developing high quality treatments and services that make Neosteo a valuable partner to health care world market. 7 clinicians and 3 professors are part of the Advisory Board of Neosteo. Bringing their Xpertise and experience, Guillaume Derouet and Benoit Gayraud have reached to develop an innovative approach for osteosynthesis devices.




Neosteo received award from the "Ministry of Higher Education and Research"

Prize-winner on 2010 during the national competition of the “Ministry of Higher Education and Research, since its foundation, Neosteo has been awarded by the world scientific Organization.

The design of the minimally invasive implants system leads to a early weight bearing for the patient after surgery and has been recognized as an evolution for the future by the scientific organization.

Neosteo is committed to being responsive to its customers’ needs by providing complete services to surgical team ( Instruments, implants, sterile kits and patient information).


AOFAS -IFFAS Annual Meeting

Chicago, USA September 19-24,  2014

AOFAS - IFFAS International and American Foot & Ankle Society

Neosteo will be attending AOFAS/IFFAS Annual meeting in Chicago.

Visit us on Sept 19-24, 2014 -- BOTH# 238

For more information:  http://www.aofas.org/annualmeeting

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