Easy and intuitive solutions
for foot surgery

DynafitSystem offers an innovative line of orthopedic implants dedicated to small foot fragments.Our implants provide optimal compression respectful of the bone structure and soft tissues.

Smart solutions for knee

Simple and precise, our Knee Osteotomies solutions offer unique low profile design that provide high mechanical resistance and patient comfort.

Implant solutions for hand surgery

The GripitSystem headless titanium compressive screws are designed for intra/extraarticular fractures, non union, arthrodesis ad osteotomies of upper extremities small bone fragments.

Orthopedic implants and osteosynthesis innovative solutions

Neosteo’s goal is to provide the most advanced technologies that will meet with clinicians’ and patients’ needs.
NEOSTEO is developing next generation products to address the challenging needs of surgeons specific to treating the extremities, including the hand, knee and foot. We’re focused on identifying unmet needs and developing unique solutions for fixation and motion preserving systems for the upper and lower extremities.

We believe that, given our superior designs and improved performance, more surgeons will incorporate our products into their practice and more patients will gain early mobility.
We are continually consulting with our surgeon partners to design our implants. Our solutions ensure reliable surgical procedures to allow patients to recover faster and regain mobility.
An easy and secure
system for Knee
Regaining Mobility & Strength

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